Macaroni Typeface

This project was developed from a typography course, in which I studied the structure of letterforms and experimented with new methods to designing type.

To further develop my type exploration, I designed a typeface featuring 222 glyphs and created booklet, cafe sign, and poster mockups to visualize its usage. The Macaroni typeface was designed using Glyphs and Adobe Illustrator.

Macaroni is a sans serif typeface designed with a three-dimensional perspective on typography.  Referencing the hollow cylindrical structure of a macaroni, the letterforms of this typeface were developed using circular guides, further illustrating the spatial balance, continuity and flexibility of its character.

Macaroni celebrates the parallels between the digital construction of its geometric anatomy and qualities of a hand-rendered sensibility to its design. While this typeface is a legible and characterful choice for body text, Macaroni is well-suited for use at larger sizes to highlight its tubular structure and shifts between curved and linear lines.