108: Sense of Patterns

The book features 108 patterns, each designed with the concept of bonnō, which refers to the 108 earthly desiries existing within Buddhist philosophy. 

6 x 3 x 2 x 3 = 108

The number 108 comes from the six human senses: eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and heart. Multiple the six by three feelings of good, bad, and normal, by beauty and ugly, and present, past, and future.

With the idea of bonnō in mind, I reflected on mundane interactions in my surroundings, studying natural forms and man-made structures. These observations led to the realization that patterns emerge everywhere in nature. Seeking visible patterns in the environment further heightened my senses, paying attention to details that would otherwise have been dismissed.

Digital version of the patterns. Risograph ink colors were applied using approximate pantone colors.

The representation of pattern were explored through different images of repetition—from geometric sequences to organic, hand-drawn and playful forms.

Each pattern is inspired by a photo. These photographs were taken throughout 2022 in urban and rural areas across Japan and Canada.

With an emphasis on the beauty of the hands-on process of print media, the book embraces the imperfection and experimental results of risograph printing and hand bookbinding.