Monos Packaging Design

A proposal of a packaging design system for MONOS, a Vancouver-based luggage brand. The primary objective of this project was to create a new visual system that provides consistency for all MONOS product packaging.

The concept behind the visual system was the space between moments during our journeys.

My Role

This packaging design was part of my internship work. My role as a graphic design intern was to do precedent research, focusing on studying existing packaging designs. As well as illustrating potential patterns that can be applied throughout the visual system.

The patterns I sketched were inspired by elements and scenes in nature, such as the movement of wind, textures in the mountain landscape, and ripples in the water. While sketching, I explored with overlaps, such as aligning wavy lines to form denser patterns in between.

Presenting to the Client

As part of the presention to the client, we designed four texture patterns that can be applied as the background for various shapes. Where the shapes overlap, the pattern increases in density and as a result creates an area of greater emphasis visually. As well, four sets of abstract shapes were presented to be used in combination with the texture patterns.